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Mail Order Bride Sites: Time To Discover Top Platforms

Buying a bride online has become a trend among Western men interested in creating more solid relationships. Since there are so many sites you can choose from, you need to be careful when it comes to choosing a particular one. But which websites are the more reliable and trustworthy ones?

If you want to order a bride online, you need to know the process so that you can be content with the results. Top platforms offer a wide range of services you need to be aware of. Read on and discover all you need to know about choosing the best site for online dating.

Top dating sites offering real mail order brides

  • High-grade security level
  • Free credits for new Loverwhirl users
  • Thousands of new members daily
  • Friendly customer support
  • Easy to join yet you are restricted by a strict verification process
  • Convenient interface and modern design.
  • You can see most of a member's pictures without signing up for a paid membership
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PayBrides will offer you mainly 3 things. The first one is about the assessment of different platforms. If you’re looking for the best mail order brides online, you can navigate via PayBrides. Secondly, it gives you information about different aspects of the site like customer support, range of services, profile quality, and so on. Finally, it provides an overall assessment of the best mail order bride website you’re interested in. Simply put, if you want to find a bride online, your indispensable tool is PayBrides.

Why do you need a platform for finding mail order brides? If you’re lucky to find the best mail order brides’ sites, you ensure the best results. The reason why such brides are so popular is a chance to find an ideal partner. You can search your candidates based on different criteria like physical traits, age range, social background, etc. What’s more, you can access the myriads of options in a bride order catalog.

We at know everything about this industry. Here, we’ll explain everything about the dating sites for marriage — so if you aren’t a professional dater, just read this short text and everything will be clear.

Going to find a wife overseas. That’s a great decision — most of these ladies are fantastically beautiful, traditional, shy, and smart. But of course, you can’t just pick any dating service — such an approach may (and probably will) lead to problems.

Why find a bride for marriage online?

If you’re interested in buying a bride, you need to know why online dating agencies or platforms are more preferable. Here are some of them:

  • Ultimate convenience: online dating has always been more convenient than real dating, as you don’t have to travel anywhere to meet overseas brides.
  • More options: another benefit of online platforms is a chance to access hundreds of profiles to pick the one you can be interested in.
  • More personal approach: mail order bride sites offer more sophisticated ways of selecting profiles based on different filters.
  • Better communication: when online, you better know how to communicate, and thanks to various tools online, you can facilitate online dating.

Mail order brides: the advantages

So, what does mail order bride mean? In most cases, they want to find a man from a first-world country (most often, it’s the United States). In most cases, these women are very beautiful and almost in 100% cases, they are willing to build a strong family.

And these are the main reasons why thousands and even millions of men love them. While, say, American ladies prefer the idea of feminism and do everything to be independent, the girls from developing regions are usually more conservative. Thus, they believe that the family is the most important thing in life — even if not 100% of them share these views, the absolute majority of them do. However, we can guarantee that they aren’t very traditional — for example, Chinese and Japanese ladies are very Westernized. The best part of the story is that these ladies succeed in combining traditional gender roles with their modern, Westernized views — they are perfectly balanced. As all women should be.

These ladies are usually fantastically beautiful, they are always loyal, and that’s why they make great mothers and wives. That makes sense why they are so popular.

Online brides: potential difficulties

We believe that if you are going to find mail order brides, you must know that there are some potential difficulties. These difficulties are divided into two categories: problems with women themselves and problems with the dating services. As for the problems some men have with them, well, it’s all about the integration in the new society. Cultural and language barriers are quite common problems — but according to our experience, the users can minimize them by using the top-rated mail order bride sites. Why? The thing is, most women who use such sites are well-educated and can speak English well. It makes sense that such women do also have fewer problems with integration in American society.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. According to some mail order bride reviews (and to our experience, of course), hundreds of users from the US lose money and/or their personal information because of fake and scam dating websites. How to protect yourself? It’s very simple — if you choose only the best mail order bride sites, it’ll be impossible for you lose money. What’s more, such services usually have an obligatory ID verification, which means that literally 100% of the women on such sites are real. Yeah, they are a little more expensive usually, but if you want to have the best experience possible, you’ll have to pay.

How to choose mail order bride sites?

Before buying a bride online, you need to know how to pick the best dating site. For any platform to be on the top, it should have several aspects making it more appealing for men. Here are some of them:

  • Safety: top platforms ensure higher levels of security with various software tools and availability of encryption.
  • Features: a range of features will give you a chance to make your online experience more handy and faster.
  • Profile quality: with top platforms, you can have access to profiles, but more importantly, you’ll benefit from the quality of these profiles.
  • Responsive customer support: only top sites can provide you with more professional support working round the clock.
  • Matchmaking and searching: the more profiles you’ll have, the more confusing it can be to choose, and thus, you’ll get the help of matchmaking algorithms or searching tools that’ll help you find a better match.

How will we help you?

Let’s make it clear: if you don’t want to lose money or to find women who don’t know English at all, you need the best dating sites. We at PayBrides believe that every man deserves to use the best services for a low price. That’s why we’ve made the list of the safest and the cheapest sites with real members and a perfect reputation.

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We are going to save your time because of our philosophy — we believe that you don’t have to spend hours reading the reviews and finding out the truth. All you have to do now is choose the site, read the review, and create an account. It’s simple as that, as you see.

How long does it take to get a foreign bride?

The good news about international relationships is that you won’t have to spend weeks to find a bride. It’s more like days or even hours.

Actually, it depends on you only — some men spend months on such websites, meet with lots of women and find love, while the others fall in love with the first lady they see in the search results. Technically, you can spend $50-$100, send 5-10 messages, and book a flight the next day. Of course, such situations aren’t that common in the real world, but still, we are sure that it won’t take more than several weeks or months to find a bride online.

What do our experts do to develop the international marriage industry

PayBrides team is a team of experts — we find the best online dating sites and test everything, from SSL certificates to mail order bride prices and premium features. During 2019, we tested 300+ dating services (and only 20% of them passed the test). As we’ve said, we know everything about this industry, and it’s not just words. PayBrides team helps to improve the world of dating — so if you search for the best dating services, check out our list. We update it and remove the sites that have reputation problems, so this list is always fresh.

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Let’s make it clear: yes, you can lose money on dating websites. Unfortunately, there are lots of scam sites as well as sites without verification (such sites do usually have thousands of fake profiles). Unfortunately, some of them can even steal your personal information. Unfortunately, that’s how this industry works.

But the good news is that 100% of these issues are solved already. Our team spends days, weeks, and months in order to sort out good services from bad ones. Choose, sign up, and find love — with our list of the coolest websites, it’s extremely simple.


How have mail order brides changed relationships?

Radically. Thanks to mail brides, now it’s you who chooses — most dating sites have more women than men, so you can choose among thousands of beautiful foreign ladies. Such sites are the best and the most comfortable method to find a hot single woman from the other side of the world!

Mail order bride vs real dating

When you use mail-bride services, you know that, say, 90% of women you’ll see are ready for serious, long-term relationships. When you use such services, you know what you pay for, because the majority of these ladies are ready to move to your country. They are family-oriented, so if you want to build a strong family, you just can’t ignore mail-brides. They are what we call the perfect wife material, and they don’t care about equal gender roles and all this stuff.

How mail order bride works?

If a woman from China, Ukraine, Brazil, or any other country wants to find a foreign man, she creates an account on one of those sites. Then, she verifies her identity. You, in turn, create an account on the same service, buy credits or premium subscription, find this woman, and chat with her. All the sites are different, they have different mail order bride prices, different communication methods, etc, but they all work in the same way.

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Mail order bride: potential problems

Some sites are 100% scam — they just steal your money and that’s all. Some sites don’t have an ID verification, so they have thousands of fake accounts. These two problems are quite common in this industry — and if you want to avoid them, you can choose any site from our list. team has already found the best services, so you don’t have to waste time anymore.